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Billing and OSS Solution. Is your Billing and OSS solution optimized for your business?

Billing and OSS systems are critical part of operations in the Wireless Industry. The decision to choose a system can either set you up for success or affect your business operations. While selecting the system, you should ensure that the system meets your business needs. Some of the features of Vcare's Telecom Billing and OSS system are noted below:

Customized Process Flows

We understand that every wireless company has unique processes for subscriber acquisition, inventory management, billing management and customer service. We customize the Billing and OSS system based on your unique processes. We understand that a cookie cutter option will not help you to achieve your goals; rather you will need to develop workaround, which defeats the purpose of your Billing and OSS system.

Supports all Business Models

Our Billing and OSS supports Prepaid, Postpaid, Hybrid and ETC models. Whether you are a Lifeline ETC provider or MVNO who provides prepaid and post-paid services, our Billing and OSS System will support all your needs.

Screening for Duplicate and Not-Eligible Customers for Lifeline Companies

Recently Lifeline Companies have been cited in various articles for failure to identify duplicates and providing lifeline discounts to non-eligible subscribers. Our ETC module is robust, and does not let a new subscriber sign up, if the customer is already a duplicate subscriber.

Additionally our system includes an identity check feature. The Social Security Number and Date of Birth are matched to the name to confirm the identity. If any of the matches are not successful i.e. Social Security number provided is not valid, Social Security number is not associated with the name etc. our system will not allow the application to go through.

Complete Solution for your needs

We help you with your entire back-end operations, helping you to focus on sales and acquisition of more customers. We provide you with other backend services such as Contact Center, IVR, Customer Portal/Website, Back-End Application Processing and Data Analytics.

Our focus is to take on the backend operations, so that you can focus on acquiring more customers. Additionally you will not need to deal with multiple vendors.

Additionally you are not obligated to purchase all our services, you have the option to purchase the services that you require.

Modules in our Billing and OSS Solutions

We have multiple modules in our Billing and OSS system. For details on features in the modules, click the tiles below.

  • Billing And OSS System - Lifeline ETC Module
  • Activation Module
  • Billing & OSS System - Agent Portal
  • Billing & OSS System - Billing Module
  • Inventory  Module
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • CSR Module
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