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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Services

Database management is one of the key factors on which efficient customer service depends. This can only be possible with a robust yet simple to understand CRM solution which would track the entire lifecycle of a customer from their first call or first sale to their recent trends or calling patterns.

Integrated with our IVR System

Our CRM solutions are integrated to the customized IVR solutions offering a complete history and usage /buying patterns every time a consumer calls in to interact with the customer service department.

Custom CRM systems based on your business rules

We build custom CRM systems based on your business rules and needs. Generally these systems include multiple modules such as Customer Service, Inventory, and Shipping etc.

Connection with your Partners

We also connect with your partners such as your warehouse vendors, payment processors, shipping companies and fraud prevention companies.

Data Mining

We understand that over the years, you collect a lot of data on your customers such as customer preferences, buying history etc. on your CRM system. We are able to retrieve this data and mine this data. We are able to analyze this data to determine your customer preferences and improve success of your targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally we also are able to track your business performance by tracking the Key Performance Indicators that affect your business.
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