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Customer Retention

When you work in a commoditized market there is always a potential threat of losing profitable customers. Customers will flock to companies that provide the better customer service. The success of companies will depend on identifying profitable customers and converting them to repeat customers.

Customer Retention

Identifying your most profitable customers

We have developed a methodology to identify your most profitable customers. Generally we work with our clients to finalize the methodology based on your unique needs.

Then, we use the methodology to identify the most profitable customers. We usually segregate your profitable customers into Platinum, Gold and Silver levels.

Routing of Calls

Our IVR system we are able to identify the status of a customer calling i.e. whether Platinum, Gold, Silver or regular customer. We are able to put these customers in front of the calling queue to minimize wait time for these customers.

Connected Representatives

The calls from your customers with Platinum, Gold and Silver status are routed to our "Connected Representatives". These representatives are best in class based on our rating methodology. These representatives are able to connect instantly with your customers and have extensive knowledge of our client's products and services. They provide white glove service to your most profitable customers.
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