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Inbound services. Our focus is to increase your customer base.

The success of companies will depend on the number of repeat customers. Our goal is to provide immediate service to your customers and solve customer issues quickly by friendly customer service representatives in first interaction.

Inbound call center services

Our agents empathize with your customers

Our unique value comes from the fact, that we hire customer service representatives who understand your customers, product and have previously experienced your brand. Based on the studies we have conducted in the past, we concluded that representatives, who are able to understand your brand and product, are instantly able to connect with your customers. The instant connection provides positive experiences for your customers.

Our clients tell us, that our unique approach to hire agents who understand client's brand and product, has helped them increase revenues and improve customer retention.

Anticipate the next issue, do not just resolve the current issue:

Our clients tell us that we are able to anticipate any downstream issues that result from solving customer's first issue. Our relationship representatives not only solve the current problem, but anticipate and solve for downstream issues. Our clients tell us, this has helped reduce number of repeat customers.

Scale up and down quickly based on Client Needs

Our clients tell us that we are able to scale up and down in a matter of days than weeks that other call center usually require. We are able to do this through our proprietary hiring and training policies. We are able to train people in a matter of days than a week that a typical call center takes. This has helped our clients soften the impact of unexpected volume surge.

Shared Model, Dedicated and Blended Model at Competitive Rates

Our clients tell us that we have helped them reduce their customer service expenses, as we offer a scalable shared services models. By using the shared service model, our client's expenses are directly proportional to the level of the customer service activity.

We have one of the most competitive rates in the industry for dedicated rates taking into consideration the quality of performance. Our clients have been able to reduce their customer service costs, while increasing the customer retention and sales.

Real time reporting on KPI's

We have robust technology where based on your unique needs, we provide you with reporting where you can get visibility for your program to monitors KPI's such as Abandon Rates, Average Hold/Call Times etc.

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