A Common Mistake Practised by Every Call Center!

Imagine a situation where food has been ordered, the delivery boy delivers the food and asks the customer whether or not, he/she enjoyed the food. Yes, certainly the customer would not be in a position to answer the question since he/she has not even tasted the food. At the most the customer can comment upon the packaging of the food or delivery time or the way the food was served. But that would certainly not help the company understand whether the food supplied to the customer was up to his taste and met his expectations.

5 Most-effective Social Media Practices for a Satisfying Customer Service

Social media today has gained an extremely powerful and wide reach, worldwide. This fact is well-recognized. It has gone way beyond just connecting long-lost friends, sharing pictures/videos and knowing new people. Today, this incredibly useful means is also being utilized for its immense customer care potential. It’s time to make the best use of this promising platform to reach out to existing and potential customers, to attract them, satisfy their queries and address their complaints, among a lot more.

23 Customer Care Best Practices From Retail Leaders

For online retailers, customer service can be a huge differentiator, and a secret weapon for customer advocacy. Customer expectations today are higher than ever, and the customer support training, resources, and investment required of today’s leading retailers can make the challenge of creating amazing customer care experiences seem insurmountable.

The Vcare Big List of Customer Care Conferences

It’s that time of year again - time to map out your budget for industry conferences and events. Conferences have huge value for brands looking to learn, network, and even find their next strategic partner. We’ve made it easy for you to check this off your list with our Big List of Customer Care Events and Conferences.

Vcare Supports Retailers Through Their Most Successful Holiday Season

For some online retailers, the holiday season can make up 40% of their annual revenue. Naturally, a large portion of sales are concentrated on spending holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Tuesday. On aggregate, Vcare retailers saw their best holiday season ever, thanks in part to the world-class service and support their customers received. Clients met all of their customer care goals, even on the busiest shopping days of the year.

The Vcare Top 50 Customer Care Influencers

When it comes to customer care across major industries, like Retail & E-Commerce, Wireless & Telecommunications, and Healthcare, there are plenty of smart minds out there. As a leader in outsourced customer service solutions, the customer care specialists at Vcare voted on fifty of the top thought leaders in our space. These experts make up our inaugural list of the Vcare Top 50 Customer Care Influencers

4 Customer Care Trends Moving The Needle In 2016

At $630.5 billion in holiday spending, this season is poised to be one of the biggest on record, according to the National Retail Federation.But retailers have more to be thankful for than just a strong economy. There are 4 major trends at work over the past several years that are contributing to what will be a historic retail season.