Anatomy of Your Modern Customer (5 Things That Define Them)

In today’s world, your customers have a plethora of different options when it comes to choosing their service providers. That’s why it’s imperative that your reps make their experience as positive as possible! The question is; how do you address the needs of your modern customers and foster a sense of loyalty that will benefit your business for years to come?

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Modern customers are a whole new breed of consumer; one that expects instant gratification and personalized experience. They don’t subscribe to brand loyalty as much as their predecessors and are willing to look beyond your company for greener pastures. They can be fickle and demanding, but if you know how to cater to them, you’ll see fantastic returns in your business!

Modern Customers Are Always On

Think that you can close up shop at 5 pm? Think again. Today’s modern customers are constantly connected and are always on. In an age where everyone carries around a powerful computer in their pocket, you can’t afford to shut your customers out after a certain time.

Smart companies know this, and they make sure that there’s always someone on hand to deal with customer issues. You need a plan for addressing your customers’ needs after hours and on the weekends, which is why it pays to outsource to a company that can facilitate your needs and keep your customers happy. (v)WeCare knows that customers are buying 24/7 and our skilled outsourced customer service reps are available to answer questions, deal with concerns, and keep your business moving along at any time of day or night. Addressing the fact that your customers are always on is one of the best ways that you can retain them in the modern world!   

Modern Customers Interact on a Number of Different Platforms

Modern customers expect instant gratification, which is why they’ve embraced a number of different technologies that allow them to communicate with customer service outsourcing reps in real time. Options like Live Chat are a popular way for your customers to communicate their needs without ever picking up the phone.

If you are not set up to facilitate their needs over these new platforms, you’re at a serious competitive disadvantage. Modern customers know that they don’t need to languish in long queues, and they won’t tolerate not getting the answers that they need in real time. (v)WeCare is a technology-forward company that embraces new methods of communication. Our reps are well trained in Live Chat and Social Media options, and able to deliver the experience that modern customers are looking for.

Modern Customers Know That Word-Of-Mouth Is Gold

Although there are plenty of examples of companies that have tremendous brand loyalty; like Apple, Amazon, and Lulu lemon, there are many others that earned their chops through word-of-mouth.

Modern customers are spoiled for choice and don’t need to patronize a company simply because that’s always what they’ve done. They rely on word-of-mouth more than slick advertising campaigns, or the notion that they need to purchase a product simply because everyone else is doing it. The best way to get positive word-of-mouth is to have amazing customer service. That’s why Vcare reps are trained to give each customer the white-glove service and do their best to handle concerns in one call. Customers understand that they are taken seriously, and are most likely to give their friends and family positive feedback about the company!

Modern Customers Expect a VIP Experience

The days of tolerating long queue times and brusque customer service reps are over. Today’s customers expect to communicate with reps who understand their jobs in and out, have the tools to help them solve their problems immediately, and are willing to give them a VIP experience.

A huge part of providing the VIP experience is showing the customer that you empathize with them and are willing to treat them like a human being, not just another call in the queue. Bridging the gap between call center reps and customer is exceptionally important in the modern age. Customers want to know that you care and that you are invested in their happiness. (v)WeCare reps are specifically trained on how to be empathetic to customers. Their care and compassion shine through, and each customer feels valued.

Modern Customers Expect Their Feedback to Be Taken Seriously

Finally, smart companies address their customer feedback and quickly and comprehensively as possible. Since your customers expect VIP treatment, instant gratification, and knowledgeable reps, they will take to social media platforms and complain if their needs aren’t met. Don’t ignore them!

Show your customers that you’re taking them seriously by implementing suggestions and being transparent about your customer service processes. You’ll be one step ahead in the game by simply showing some compassion and interest in their needs! Vcare reps know the importance of closing the circle with our customers support. We work to ensure that all aspects of the customer’s problem is addressed, and check in with them to make sure that they’re happy moving forward. This shows a level of concern for their experience and emphasizes that they are taken seriously.

Your modern customer has unique needs that set them apart from previous generations. By showing them that you care, are able to quickly address their needs, and showing an interest in using new technologies- you can address their needs like a pro!