(v)WeCare Exceptional Contact Centre Outsourcing Services

(v)WeCare has been providing customer support since 2004. We understand a phone call is the first connection point a customer has with your brand.  Our friendly call reps will handle your customers courteously as they resolve any underlying issues.

Contact Centre Outsourcing Services

To ensure customer satisfaction, we use different channels to provide consistent support services. In addition to resolving customer queries, our call center services also include technical support, telephone services, sales support, omnichannel customer care service, and more.

At (v)WeCare customer support, we have a committed workforce, experienced in delivering high-quality contact center outsourcing services. Our team of professionals will create a unique contact center module for you after evaluating your business requirements.

(v)WeCare Contact Centre Outsourcing Features

Real-time Team – The team we’ll give you comprises of highly-trained professionals that will make it easy for you to manage customer support. The team we’ll set up for you after outsourcing to us will consist of:

Executive Leadership – We offer executive leadership that engages with your brand to offer quality service. We also ensure your goals and interests are in line with our efforts to enable you to get the most out of the outsourcing.

Call Reps – Our call reps are brand specialists trained to ensure they understand your brand well. This ensures they provide exceptional customer experience by offering value to your customers. They're well-trained to enable them to become the voice of your brand and resolve customer queries efficiently.

Project Manager – He’ll ensure the experience and training of the call reps is in line with your business process and brand. He’ll also be tasked with reporting to you the progress and overseeing the activities of all the team members.

Infrastructure Team – The team will familiarize themselves with the operational structure of your brand to ensure everything runs efficiently and seamlessly.

Why Outsource?

Whether you need to respond quickly to a crisis or have limited resources, there are many reasons why you should outsource call center services. You may not be happy with your current service, you may be transitioning from an in-house call center, or your brand may be growing.

In either case, (v)WeCare contact center outsourcing company can give you access to a workforce with the latest technologies, many years of experience, and deep expertise. Here are some advantages of outsourcing with us:

Reduced Costs: You'll cut costs on training, equipment, and facilities when you outsource your contact center. You'll also reduce wasted resources caused by idle call reps.

Technology: When you partner with us, you'll enjoy the latest contact center technologies such as innovative tools like AI, advanced telephony system, and state-of-the-art CRM platform.

Efficient Call Management: Our experts will help you manage high call volumes. We also have the right tools to perform the job.

Full Channel Support: We provide customer support across multiple channels like outbound and inbound calls to text, social media, chat, and email. 

Get in Touch

Whether you want assistance to optimize your in-house contact center or wish to outsource services fully, (v)WeCare will offer you highly-trained experts. Contact us today to learn more.