When it comes to customer care across major industries, like Retail & E-Commerce, Wireless & Telecommunications, and Healthcare, there are plenty of smart minds out there. As a leader in outsourced customer service solutions, the customer care specialists at Vcare voted on fifty of the top thought leaders in our space. These experts make up our inaugural list of the Vcare Top 50 Customer Care Influencers

These leading customer support experts go above and beyond to ensure their brands’ customers receive the very best experience; that’s because they know their business depends on customer loyalty, and customer service is a leading driver of loyalty and brand affinity.

Check out the Vcare Top 50 Customer Care Influencers below, and connect with these experts on their blogs, Twitter, and on other social networks.

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Customer Care & Contact Center Influencers

  • Mike Aoki
    • Bio: Contact center expert and trainer for Agents (customer service, dealing with “irates,” sales skills) and Managers (coaching, presentation skills).
    • Connect: @mikeaoki
  • Roy Atkinson
    • Bio:Sr. Writer/Analyst by trade. I tweet about customer focus, leadership, IT, and tech. Tweets are my own.
    • Connect: @RoyAtkinson
  • Chip Bell
    • Bio: Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant, Author of ‘Sprinkles.’ Blogger @HuffingtonPost, Advocate of Innovative Service
    • Connect: @ChipRBell
  • Carolyn Blunt
    • Bio: Contact Centre People Development Expert, Founder of Real Results Training. Professional speaker & writer.
    • Connect: @carolynblunt
  • Marsha Collier
    • Bio: Author 48 books: Social Media Commerce, eBay, Online Customer Service. Forbes Top 10, Futurist, Founder #CustServ chat, #techradiopodcast host.
    • Connect: @MarshaCollier
  • Steve Curtin
    • Bio: Author of Delight Your Customers, Fan of exceptional customer service.
    • Connect: @enthused
  • Cohan Leon Daley
    • Bio: Thought Leader @InsideSales
    • Connect: @cohanleon
  • Richard Dumas
    • Bio: Fascinated by startup innovation & tech marketing. Regional Vice President, Demand Marketing at NewVoiceMedia.
    • Connect: @RichardDumas
  • Al Hopper
    • Bio: The Al Hopper #CustServ (chat Tues 9pET) & @Social_Path helping our Customers on the path to social.
    • Connect: @AlHopper_
  • Kate Leggett
    • Bio: VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research for CRM and Customer Service. Market research & trends, best practices, tech.
    • Connect: @kateleggett
  • Rosetta Lue
    • Bio: Philly311 Executive Director,@PhiladelphiaGov Chief #CustServOfficer, @Huffingtonpost Top 50 Customer Service Pro, @GoRedforWomenNational Spokesperson
    • Connect: @rosettalue
  • Michael Lytle
    • Bio: Director, Customer Success @ExtremeNetworks. Customer Service Advocate.
    • Connect: @Michael_Lytle
  • Greg Meyer
    • Bio: Customer Success at @RivalIQ. Startup mentor at TechStars, writer on Customer Service.
    • Connect: @grmeyer
  • Steve Morrell
    • Bio: ContactBabel
    • Connect: @Contactcentre and customer experience analysts, specialising in the UK & US industries. Shares latest research findings.
  • Anna Sabryan
    • Bio: Social Media & Digital Marketing Professional, #5 on ICMI’s Top 50 ThoughtLeaders. #Customer Service, Customer Experience, CRM Cloud.
    • Connect: @AnnaSabryan
  • Greg Sherry
    • Bio: Software marketing VP | Tweet about Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Analytics, Big Data.
    • Connect: @GregSherry
  • Jeremy Watkin
    • Bio: Head of Quality for @1callres. Blog @commbetterblog Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction.
    • Connect: @jtwatkin

Customer Experience Influencers

  • Teresa Allen
    • Bio: Marketing and Customer Experience fanatic, speaker, writer.
    • Connect: @teresaallen

    Jodi Beuder

    • Bio: Marketing and Customer Experience fanatic, speaker, writer.
    • Connect: @cx_jodi
  • Jeanne Bliss
    • Bio: Jeanne has led Customer Experience for five major U.S. corporations. In addition, wrote Chief Customer Officer and I Love You More Than My Dog.
    • Connect: @JeanneBliss
  • Kerry Bodine
    • Bio: Kerry is a coauthor of Outside In. She focuses on customer experience, design, and the organization complexities that influence customer interactions.
    • Connect: @kerrybodine
  • Becky Carroll
    • Bio: Becky is the author of Hidden Power of Your Customers. She taught social media @UCSD and contributes to NBC-SD SM.
    • Connect: @bcarroll7
  • Bart de Craene
    • Bio: He is a customer experience advocate, runner, and bass player.
    • Connect: @bartdecraene
  • Arie Goldshlager
    • Bio: Arie has unconventional wisdom on marketing, customer experience strategy, customer insight, & innovation.
    • Connect: @ariegoldshlager
  • Martin Hill-Wilson
    • Bio: Customer Service & Social Business Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker tweets on #custserv #cx #socbiz.
    • Connect: @martinhw
  • Paul Hopkins
    • Bio: Paul researches innovative ways to improve online and offline customer experience.
    • Connect: @futurecustomer
  • Lynn Hunsaker
    • Bio: Differentiates customer experience by breaking down silos for cross-functional collaboration.
    • Connect: @clearaction
  • Shep Hyken
    • Bio: Customer service expert, business speaker, and New York Times bestselling author, helps companies deliver amazing customer service and experiences.
    • Connect: @Hyken
  • Linda Ireland
    • Bio: Linda is an owner-partner of @AveusLLC. Author of Domino and she helps leaders boost performance through customer experience.
    • Connect: @LindaIreland
  • Guy Kawasaki
    • Bio: Guy is a well-known social media thought leader and advises Motorola. He is also an author of APE.
    • Connect: @GuyKawasaki
  • Peter Lavers
    • Bio: Peter is a customer management and experience expert @WCL. He has worked at Rolls-Royce/Bentley for 17 yrs. Passionate about customer service, and interested in cars & apologetics
    • Connect: @PeterLavers
  • Greg Levin
    • Bio: Employee engagement and customer experience writer, speaker, and humorist. He’s also a published novelist.
    • Connect: @greg_levin
  • Mitch Lieberman
    • Bio: Mitch is a Customer Experience Architect and Strategist, focusing on customer service, CRM, and contact centers.
    • Connect: @mjayliebs
  • Aimee Lucas
    • Bio: Aimee is a fan of sports, sunshine, exceptional customer experiences.
    • Connect: @Aimee_Lucas
  • Flavio Martins
    • Bio: Flavio is VP of Customer Support at @DigiCert. He is a Customer Experience & ATL 2013 Huff Post Top 100 Social.
    • Connect: @flavmartins
  • Andrew McFarland
    • Bio: Growth through high-value B2B customer experiences.
    • Connect: @andy_mcf
  • Andrew McInnes
    • Bio: Customer experience and voice of the customer, writer, speaker. Director of Product Marketing at Allegiance. Former Forrester analyst.
    • Connect: @apmcinnes
  • Stan Phelps
    • Bio: Stan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and experience architect.
    • Connect: @9INCHmarketing
  • Nancy Porte
    • Bio: Nancy is a VP of Customer Experience at Verint. She is passionate about making the world a better place for customers.
    • Connect: @nporte
  • Doc Searls
    • Bio: Author of The Intention Economy, co-author of Cluetrain Manifesto, and variously connected at Harvard, NYU, & UCSB.
    • Connect: @dsearls
  • Richard R Shapiro
    • Bio: Richard is a customer retention expert and founder of The Center For Client Retention. He is also author of The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking Secrets to Repeat Business.
    • Connect: @RichardRShapiro
  • Neal Shact
    • Bio: Customer experience evangelist in SAP BCM Contact Center solutions & CEO of CommunitTech Services.
    • Connect: @nealshact
  • Colin Shaw
    • Bio: Colin is a founder of Beyond Philosophy & the Customer Experience Consultancy. He’s a best-selling author and has been featured as a LinkedIn Top 150 Business Influencer.
    • Connect: ColinShaw_CX
  • James Sorensen
    • Bio: James is a reader of great customer experiences, quality systems, process improvement, and ISO.
    • Connect: @expertinservice
  • Colin Taylor TRG
    • Bio: Colin is ranked in the top 100 for Customer Service. He is an experienced Customer Experience Consultant and Chief Chaos Officer
    • Connect: @colinsataylor
  • Bruce Temkin
    • Bio: Bruce is a customer experience expert and transformist. He’s the Customer Experience Professionals Association chairperson.
    • Connect: @btemkin
  • Bob Thompson
    • Bio: CustomerThink founder and global evangelist for customer-centric business. Top buzzwords include CRM, CEM, and Social Business.
    • Connect: @Bob_Thompson
  • Mark Turner
    • Bio: Mark is the director of Content at CloserStill Media. He focuses on cloud, data centre, emerging tech, & customer experience.
    • Connect: @marklturner
  • Jeannie Walters
    • Bio: Jeannie is a customer experience leader and student. She is fascinated by social media and is a working mom.
    • Connect: @jeanniecw
  • R Ray Wang
    • Bio: Constellation research analyst; provocateur; keynote speaker on topics including as disruptive & innovative tech; he’s an author, strategist, negotiator, chairman, and founder.
    • Connect: @rwang0
  • Mike Wittenstein
    • Bio: Mike is an experience and service designer, consultant, and global speaker. 20+ years of experience in customer experience across 25 countries, for over 300 companies.
    • Connect: @mikewittenstein

Customer loyalty is one of the biggest drivers of repeat business in today’s omnichannel world. But how do you build loyalty? At Vcare, we help the biggest brands in the world think beyond the normal call center and customer support process. We build omnichannel customer care experiences that drive advocacy and repeat purchase.

Reach out to one of our Care Specialists to see how much you could be saving on your customer support center.





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January 12th, 2016

Posted In: Customer Care


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