Boost NPS & CSAT Through Customer Mirroring

We’ve been talking about Customer Mirroring℠ with our clients for years. We pioneered the process. It’s a key ingredient in our secret sauce and has helped us receive industry-leading scores for NPS and Customer Satisfaction.

What Is Customer Mirroring?

First, let’s start with a definition. Customer Mirroring is a process of identifying, hiring, and training customer service specialists. It ensures our specialists have similar personality, interests, and motivations as our clients' customers. To maximize their effectiveness, your customer service specialists should essentially ‘mirror’ your customers. Thus, Customer Mirroring.

What Magic Happens With Customer Mirroring?

At Vcare, we're so passionate about Customer Mirroring, that we built our company on it. It's one of the key reasons that 85% of our clients’ customers come back to purchase again.

These customers keep coming back because they build a faster, stronger connection with our customer service specialists. They have more trust in them, in the support interaction, in our clients' products, and in the brand.

More than 80% Vcare support interactions lead to customer loyalty for our clients. That leads to greater advocacy, which leads to more new customers. Customer Mirroring creates a positive cycle for loyalty that contributes to the bottom line.

A Real-World Example of Customer Mirroring.

Ugg Australia, came to us for an outsourced customer service solution. They have a highly specific customer type - their interests, demographics, and psychographics - so they were excited to experience the Customer Mirroring process.

We identified and hired specialists who understood the Ugg Australia brand. They had owned a pair of Ugg boots at some point. They could not only could talk about the Ugg brand, but they were truly passionate about it.

These qualities made it easier for us to train these new care specialists and easier to motivate them.

More importantly, it helped with customer empathy. It helped with their communication. It helped with customer satisfaction. And it helped with first-touch resolution.

This is where the investment in the Customer Mirroring methodology pays off.

And Ugg Australia isn’t unique - this process is part of what makes Vcare special. This is an inherent value for all of our clients and their customers.

Without Customer Mirroring, Customer Support Will Fail.

When you think about it, Customer Mirroring should be a part of any hiring and training process in our industry.

Without it, how could you ensure that customer service representatives were efficiently, effectively, and passionately supporting customers?

If the person on the other end of the phone, chat window, email, or social media post isn't similar to you, then how can you instantly empathize, form a bond, and understand one another?

The more urgent question is, are you missing out on revenue as a result of this?

What is your repeat purchase rate? Do you think Customer Mirroring would improve that metric?

Would your NPS and Customer Satisfaction scores be higher if there was more trust between your customer service rep and the customer?

Outsourcing? Here’s How To Tell If Customer Mirroring Is Happening.

If you’re already outsourcing your customer support, then it's more than likely Customer Mirroring isn't happening. Some questions you should be asking your partner are where they hire from, how they hire, and how they train.

If your contact center hasn’t asked for customer profiles, stats, and demographics, then how could they be Customer Mirroring?

If your outsourced call center doesn’t maintain a database of applicants with their interests, profile data, and behavioral data, then they can’t call upon the right people to hire when you need them.

Already outsourcing customer service and have questions about Customer Mirroring? Or, have an in-house customer service department and want more insight into Customer Mirroring?

Reach out to a Customer Care Specialist at Vcare today.