We helped UGG Austraila meet holiday season volume

We experience peaks and valleys in every program. When peaks occur, we scale up in no time to handle the increased contacts. Our business model is designed to respond to customers in a short period of time.

We hired a significant number of reps for UGG Australia at a short notice during the holiday season.


Hired representatives to connect with FILA's customers

We hire representatives who are your brand and industry enthusiasts and customers. These representatives connect with your customers instantly resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

We developed an instant connection with Fila's customers and delighted them with our service.


Improved first call resolution

First Call Resolution is the most important metric that we track. We assign a substantial amount of points to the first call resolution metric in our quality monitoring process.

Planet Shoes improved their first call resolution metric to 90%.


Superior client engagement

We interact with our clients on a daily basis to discuss onboarding, quality, SLA's, dispositions etc.

Our engagement model includes seamless and transparent communication with our clients 24*7.