3 Customer Service Outsourcing Mistakes Your Company Should Avoid

customer service outsourcing

The word outsourcing is so often used online as a remedy for all business-related issues that one may begin to think of it as a magic wand. Just move the magic wand once and your finances will become better. Swing it again and you will get access to the best customer service experts in the industry. And so on. But, it does not work like that. To outsource customer support, you need to first understand your requirements.

Sometimes businesses skip on studying their own business requirements as they are in a hurry to reap rich rewards from customer support outsourcing. This is when mistakes are made.

Outsource Customer Care Services, but Don’t Make These Mistakes

Some flaws are fixable even after outsourcing is done; however, there are certain mistakes that can have an immediate and adverse impact on your business. Have a look at some mistakes and their resolutions:

Mistake 1: Outsourcing to the cheapest vendor

Do you always buy your groceries from the cheapest store? Don’t think so. Just like you do not prioritize price of things that you consume, you should not dish out something that your customers cannot digest. Yes, bad customer service is really hard to digest for customers.

Due to a wide spread of customer service outsourcing companies across the globe, you may get in contact with certain vendors who are not up to the mark. They may offer you services at such attractive prices that you will find them hard to pass up. But, you should know that something that appears too good to be true is, more often than not, untrue. Thoroughly scan the track record of the company, read reviews about it and only then make your decision. Never make the mistake of selecting the cheapest vendor with your eyes closed.


Mistake 2: Skimping on an in-house liaison manager

When you outsource, you generally outsource to a company that helps you cut cost in your customer service operations. Use some of the cash – you saved from outsourcing – on hiring a manager, who will be your liaison with the outsourced company. It is absolutely critical that this person has experience in call center industry. He should also have a good understanding of the work culture of the country, to which, the business has been outsourced. Don’t mind if this person is asking for a high salary. Every penny you would spend will be money well spent.

When you outsource customer support, you partially lose its control. Even if you are using an excellent customer service outsourcing, the chances are there will be some gaps in your understanding and their understanding. To remove this gap, the liaison manager will come in really handy. He will be able to convey your thoughts accurately to the outsourced company, and will also help in coordinating the workflow.

Mistake 3: Selecting a company situated in a volatile region

Location of the vendor company can be crucial to your business prospects. A company located in a politically unstable country can abruptly halt the progress of your business (if there is a coup or war). Moreover, a country that is susceptible to natural calamities like Tsunami or earthquakes should be avoided.

These are just a few disadvantages of selecting a company in an unsuitable location; however, the list is long, way too long. This is why, it is best to study the dynamics of the country before outsourcing your business. Before going into contract negotiations with a customer support outsourcing company, an entrepreneur should personally visit the country. He should also search the internet for news that gives a clear idea of the country’s political situation.