Why Promotions Fail in the Absence of Email Chat Outsourcing Services?

The fast pace of technological evolution is making products better. Latest products flooding the market come with the promise of being superior to their predecessors. The entry of these new products is so quick that before you set your mind on buying a product, a newer version of the same product starts dominating the headlines.

A Common Mistake Practised by Every Call Center!

Imagine a situation where food has been ordered, the delivery boy delivers the food and asks the customer whether or not, he/she enjoyed the food. Yes, certainly the customer would not be in a position to answer the question since he/she has not even tasted the food. At the most the customer can comment upon the packaging of the food or delivery time or the way the food was served. But that would certainly not help the company understand whether the food supplied to the customer was up to his taste and met his expectations.

Avail Call Center Outsourcing Services For Proactive Customer Support

Happy customers are the base of every successful business; with loyal customers, any commercial organization can reach the summit of success even while dealing with stiff competition. However, it is not easy to build a force of loyal customers, who can boost your business and help you in establishing market presence. In today’s stiff competition, businesses have to work hard to stand out and grab the attention of potential customers.

Top 3 Call Center Tips For Dialing Into The Millennial Market

Millennials are a self-service, tech-savvy generation influenced by the ever-growing sway of social media, instant gratification, and quick access. Millennials, categorized as anyone born between 1982-2003, represent the largest consumer market for annual revenue growth. It’s for this reason that the “wow me,” factor is vital.

The 6 Most Outdated Myths About Outsourced Customer Service

We’re about to break down the six biggest myths in outsourced customer service for you. These are myths that have been propagated for decades - you’ve likely heard many of them before - and they apply to all industries, from Retail & Ecommerce, to Wireless & Telecommunications, to Health Care.