Why Promotions Fail in the Absence of Email Chat Outsourcing Services?

The fast pace of technological evolution is making products better. Latest products flooding the market come with the promise of being superior to their predecessors. The entry of these new products is so quick that before you set your mind on buying a product, a newer version of the same product starts dominating the headlines.

Email Chat Outsourcing Services

The main reason for the proliferation of products lies in the receding manufacturing costs due to the emergence of China as a leader in the industry. It has given rise to the competition and the focus of companies has shifted solely towards attracting customers by advertising their product. Most companies are realizing the significance of promotional campaigns to make sales. However, only a few are taking necessary measures to address situations in which the product fails. Big Mistake!

The Reason behind Customer Attrition despite Promotion

When a well-promoted product malfunctions, the level of trust for the brand immediately goes down in the eyes of the customer. But, that does not mean the customer leaves that brand. He still makes a contact to get the replacement or refund. However, due to a lackluster Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system, most companies lose their customers. It is not that they don’t try to help their customers. They actually do, but most of them lack an adept RMA department to take care of customer requests.

Most companies understand the importance of an RMA department, but they still don’t establish one in their office premises. Ever wondered why? The reason is simple: cost of creating an in-house department. And, no one can blame them. The cost of infrastructure, especially, in companies located in developed countries like the US and UK is astronomical. A great way to neutralize this exorbitant expense is by email support outsourcing of the RMA department.

Why Email-Support Outsourcing Services Are Best for RMA?

Emails provide a great way to handle the communication aspect of returns and refunds. Moreover, outsourced email services come with the added advantage of lower costs, experience and sometimes better skills.

Although voice support can also do the same task, it is a lot safer to use chat email outsourcing services for providing such information. Below are two major reasons for that:

1.      Telling the customer about the RMA procedure on call is boring. Generally, the RMA procedure is step-by-step and pretty long as well. It is hard for customers to follow and remember such information. There is a possibility that customer may forget some steps and perform the RMA process incorrectly. This will prolong the return process and lead to customer dissatisfaction.  

2.      Cultural differences along with accents make voice support challenging. Especially, when you have to impart technical information, you require the best employees with a flawless neutral accent. It can be hard to find such customer support representatives at a reasonable price. On the other hand, email chat outsourcing is easier to find at an economical price point. Hence, it becomes the perfect solution for an RMA department.

As seen above, email works a lot better than voice support and is cost-effective as well. When combined with chat support services, it can be the perfect tool to make complex RMA process simple.

The Combined Effect of Email Chat Answering

When used side-by-side, email and chat services can make even the most difficult RMA operations easy. Below are some advantages of chat support:

1.      It is possible for a customer to have some doubts after reading an email related with RMA process. In this case, instead of sending an email and waiting, he can simply contact via chat support and clarify his one or two doubts in real time.

Chat support answering services can be embedded into a webpage. This makes finding chat support convenient, thereby, enhancing a customer’s overall experience.