5 Best Practices to Help You Improve Email Chat Answering

Nowadays, many companies are enjoying the benefits of live chats. But how can the companies maximize these benefits? Below we’ve compiled a list of email chat answering best practices to help you provide outstanding customer service, and stay ahead of the curve.

email chat answering

Share Screen During a Live Chat Session

Sometimes when communicating via live chat, our agents from (v)WeCare may try everything they can to explain to your customers what they're enquiring about, but the customers may still struggle to understand it. In such a scenario, installing screen share will come in handy.

With screen share, our agents can access the screen of your customers while chatting and give demos or share data on their screen. They can also solve the problems of your customers in real-time quickly.

Ensure Your Chat Window Appears in the Right Corner

Placing your live chat window in the lower right will enhance your customer’s experience while using the live chat software. When a customer browses your website, he will first do what the message in the live chat window is, prompting him to do before doing anything else. 

Our (v)WeCare professionals are trained to reduce cart abandonment by engaging your customers. Ensure the chat window appears in a place that can be seen easily. Also, the click button on the live chat window should be bright for visibility. It will capture the attention of your customers without irritating them while browsing your site.

Co-browsing While Having a Live Chat

Co-browsing improves direct communication between customers and agents when it's integrated with live chat. Our (v)WeCare support agents can access your customer’s browser window and guide them by pointing out different solutions on a specific web page.

This enables our experienced experts to continue chatting with your customers while viewing their monitor screens. When co-browsing is combined with live chat, it creates real-time support for customers. It also reduces response time.

Customer Comfort

Customers are the backbone of any business. This means the success of your business is in their hands. So, you should ensure they’re not only comfortable with you but also with your brand.

Chatting more to understand what they want is the best way you can offer them the utmost satisfaction. You can outsource your customer support services to (v)WeCare and get well-trained experts to handle your live chat, email, and phone answering services.

Use Alternative Channels

There comes a time when agents have to give a detailed explanation of something while chatting with customers. For instance, they may want to share media files like a video call or invite them to attend a video conference.

That is what new technologies like Facebook and Snapchat can enable you to do with just a click of the finger. Our social media experts will help you build successful digital strategies as they monitor your social networks.

Wrap Up

Live chat is a growing trend in customer service. Before installing live chat on your site, take the time to review the above live chat best practices. Once you do that, you're likely to attain your business goals. Hire an email chat answering rep from (v) WeCare today.