7 Qualities of a Superstar Call Center Rep

When it comes to your customer service outsourcing, finding an outsource call center that can deliver quality service and support to your valuable customers is the key to success.

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Not all call centers are created equal, and if you want your customers to feel the love, you’ll need to work with one whose reps are true customer service superstars. There are seven sure-fire things that all amazing call center reps have in common. Reps with these qualities will make your customers feel heard, taken care of, and leave them feeling great about your company!


Empathy is the number one quality that all great call center reps have. Your customers don’t want to be treated like an inconvenience, or like they’re just some number in a queue. They want to speak with someone who is vested in their happiness. Empathetic reps make customers feel good because they let the customer know that they’re on their team.

(v)WeCare’s outsource call centers focus heavily on training all reps on the importance of being empathetic. We stress that it’s the best way to connect with the customer and make them feel special and understood


Nobody wants to deal with someone who passes the buck. Too often, call center reps are unfairly categorized as being lazy and sloppy about their work, so having an accountable rep that values the customer’s time is key to enhancing the customer experience!

(v)WeCare reps know the importance of minimizing call times and our reps always try to offer a one-call solution. This saves your customers time, saves them aggravation, and establishes the rep as accountable and willing to help.


It’s also crucial for your reps to be fully versed in their roles, and understand the ins and outs of their job. Even the most well-intentioned reps will irritate your customers if they are unable to answer basic questions, or if they give them advice that’s not appropriate.

(v)WeCare reps undergo rigorous training to make sure that they are always on top of their game and kept apprised of the client’s ever-changing product offerings. Your customers can rest easy that they’re getting the most up-to-date information from our reps.


Empowered reps have the ability to enhance your customer experience by leaps and bounds. Too often, outsource call centers don’t give their reps the tools that they need to succeed, or the ability to make decisions to solve customer problems immediately. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and will negatively impact your bottom line.

(v)WeCare reps understand the importance of empowering reps at all levels of the company. We take our commitment to a streamlined customer experience seriously, and ensure that our reps have the tools that they need to solve customer problems on a single call. This eliminates the need for customers to call in again, saves time, and makes the process run smoothly.


We all know that sometimes customers can be a handful. Agitated customers can cause inexperienced reps to respond harshly, escalating the problem unnecessarily. It’s understandable- reps are human being too, but superstar reps know that they can’t take things personally. They are able to step outside of their own feelings and understand that the customer is operating from a sense of frustration.

At Vcare, our training focuses on patience and empathy. We teach our reps that they need to exercise compassion, empathy and patience at all times. Our office environment is structured so that they are able to take breathers from answering calls if need be, allowing them to take calls without being burned-out and frustrated. This gives them a better bandwidth for showing customers patience and care.


Ridgid customer service is one of the banes of your customer’s experience! They don’t want to be stonewalled by agents who aren’t willing to go the extra mile. It’s important for superstar reps to be flexible and willing to look outside of the box for solutions to customer issues.

(v)WeCare reps know that they need to explore all options to solve the customer’s problem. Not only are they individually empowered, they are also supported by Project Managers who know all aspects of the customer’s business. This provides a flexible platform where each customer is treated like a unique individual, and each problem is solved to the best of the rep’s ability.


There are so many different ways for your customers to interact with your company these days, and the phone is only one of them! Smart reps will utilize all of the tools at their disposal to make the customer experience as positive as possible. They know that customers look for instant solutions, and will do their best to provide them with the care they want- and expect!

(v)WeCare reps are skilled in using all sorts of different platforms. They are proficient on the phones, but can also communicate with customers over Live Chat and Social Media. This gives your customers a wide range of ways to talk to our reps, and they appreciate it!

Superstar reps are a combination of a lot of different factors, and they make all the difference when it comes to the customer’s end experience!